Winthrills Search Trends on Google and Rubiztech

Today, Winthrills is gradually growing in popularity on search engines and social media, as investors attempt to unravel the mystery behind the Mandee Thrill operated real estate company  –with membership surging to over 30,000 investors late last year from 9,000 members in 2016. One of the best proxies of the buzz surrounding any given subject is probably its search volume on Google and other search engines. In fact, investors use Google search and social media data all the time to pick investments. Why shouldn’t you do same with Winthrills Network as well?

With the negative effect of Ponzi schemes causing many to now run away from it, people seeking for legit and sustainable investment platforms are now conducting diligent research on any online investment they are introduced to. This may have been the reason why the search engine traffic for terms such as ‘winthrills’ as witnessed a significant increase – indicating a significant growth in it’s adoption. Here’s a look at how Winthrills has scored on Google searches and on Rubiztech.

Google Searches for Winthrills Reach Record Highs

The term ‘Winthrills’ continues to garner substantial interest with people turning to Google to search for more information on it. Recent data by SEMrush – a leading competitive research service for online marketing – shows that winthrillswinthrills networkwinthrillwinthrills login, and as the top five winthrills-marched keywords by search volume.

Winthrills Network search
Winthrills search volume on semrush

The introduction of cryptocurrency project, in November 2017 and rising price of bitcoin, and the sometimes stomach-churning corrections, has drawn increasing interest in Winthrills. During geo-political tension or financial upheaval, people have done online searches for for bitcoin related investment as a safe haven, or at least an alternative to traditional currency. Such trends were evident at the time of elections in the U.S., demonetization in India, the North Korea-U.S. tensions, and now the recent Zimbabwean crisis.

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On Google Trends, per their own description: “Numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for the given region and time. A value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term. A value of 50 means that the term is half as popular. Likewise, a score of 0 means the term was less than 1% as popular as the peak.” The graph below shows the interest over time in Winthrills. From 12 in early 2017, it struck a value of 100 in December 16, 2017, which translates into an all-time high. Presently, its value was deemed to 77, which shows how the interest over time has been maintained.

About winthrills and winthrills network investment on Google trends

In terms of regions,  Google searches for “WInthrills” in Nigeria (with a value of 100) exceed searches in other countries (with value < 1). The other countries are United States and United Kingdom. This is the case in the nations marked in blue on the map below:

Countries investing more in Winthrills

Data released by also shows a very important trend since 2016. As at December 2016, the UK company has surpassed $3.9 Million (#1,400,000,000) in total funds invested with over 9,000 accredited investors. In 2017, this figure has increased tremendously – $64 Million in total funds invested with over 30,000  investors.

winthrills network history

Meanwhile, Winthrills on Rubiztech

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The Bottom Line

The number of searches on Google and Rubiztech are a reflection of the curiosity, interest and popularity growing around Winthrills. People across the globe are keen to learn about Winthrills Network, understand the investment process and perhaps gain from it. Although terms associated with the winthrills ecosystem such as winthrills uk, what is winthrills all about, winthrills network review, winthrills registration, winthrills calculator, winthrills network uk, winthrills contact,and is winthrills legit have seen a phenomenal rise over time, winthrills continues to rule the game.

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