How WINThrills Network Works – Explained In 8 Simple Steps

Are you wondering how WINThrills network works? I’m glad you’re here! I’ll show you all you need to know about Mandee Thrills investment platform so you can start making money online, no technical experience required.

It took me 3 months after I signed up to start my first winthrillsnetwork investment in 2016. This was because there are some important investment questions to answer but the following how-to guide will save you from the same fate!

Quick link: Winthrills Network Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Answers

WINThrills Network in Eight Steps:

These are the main steps we’ll cover. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you right through.

  1. WINThrillsNetwork, what is it about?
  2. How to register a free winthrills account
  3. How to fund your winthrills account
  4. How to upgrade to VIP membership
  5. How to invest in any project
  6. How to verify your account
  7. How to withdraw profits to your bank account
  8. What does compounding profits mean?

Ready? Let’s go!

Video Tutorial

If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading.

#1. WINThrills Network, what is it about?

Winthrills Investment is a 7 years old advertising and investment company operated by Mandee Thrills LTD. The company is based in UK and there are solid evidence to show they are not a Ponzi scam. The investment opportunities involves real estate projects (like Houses,  Hostels,  Car parks,  Storage facilities etc) and recently launched cryptocurrency (bitcoin) trading.

In reality, real estate business requires huge funds hence only rich people go into it. On the other hand, bitcoin trading requires expertise.

Now, Winthrills is bringing these opportunities to everyone. You don’t need to do anything as all investments are hands-free. Which means,  you loan your money ($, ₦, BTC) to the company, they do the dirty job, you wake up daily to cash out. As simple as ABC!

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In Winthrills you don’t need to bring people to earn. Referring is totally optional. You only earn 5% referral bonus (10% during promo periods), if you choose to refer your friends.

You invest into projects/properties/cryptocurrency and you get paid between 0.4% to 0.7% of your capital daily. Every project has their own return on investment (ROI), and interest rates can increase or decrease depending on demand and supply.

Each investment has a duration which could be 90 days, 120 days, 140 days etc and whichever you choose to put your money into, you get paid daily and at the end of the investment circle, your capital is returned to you. Below is winthrillsnetwork payment proof after 16months.

How WINThrills network works and payment proof
Winthrills network payment proof after 16months

#2. How to register a free winthrills account

The biggest mistake beginners make when starting their investment journey is in creating winthrills network account. There are some important factors to note before doing so.

How winthrills works

  1. Use an active sponsor registration link. When creating your account, you are required to sign up using a referral link from the person who invited you (the sponsor). Winthrills gives special monetary bonuses to team members especially when their sponsor is active. For example, if you signup using the referring link of sponsor A,  and he got downlines VIP members B, C & D under him.  When a new member E,  signs using same link,  and upgrades to VIP,  Mr A (sponsor), B, C, D gets 10points bonus each. 100 bonus equals to free ₦5,000. Same thing applies when everyone under this team gets a new sign-up. Now You See why you need an active sponsor?
  2. Use your real names and address during sign-up. You will eventually do account verification as explained here. A government issued ID – International passport, NIMC printout, drivers licence, voters card or national identity card will be needed. Also, use your address as it appears on your utility bill or bank statement (must be stamped by your bank) as this will be needed to verify your address.

Now you can proceed to register a free winthrills here. Ensure you enter rubiztech into the sponsor field.

#3. How to Fund Your Winthrills account

To invest,  you first need to fund your account. There are several options available and you can read them up here. However, I will recommend using Fund Exchange. The video guide below explains how winthrills network fund exchange works.

#4. How to upgrade to VIP membership

Winthrills Network has two types of memberships – VIP and free membership. The difference as well as benefits is as highlited below:

  1. 5% (10% during promo seasons) of any amount your invite invest if you are a VIP member (0.5% if you remain on free membership). You get this commissions every time your referrals deposit into a project.
  2. #1,000 instant bonus if you are a VIP member (#500 if you remain on free membership).
  3. Passup bonuses and reward points from your downlines​ downlines.
  4. December $150 promo on each VIP member you get.

Lots more!

It’s important to note that, your membership choice does not affect your investment or profits. Though, you will be restricted from cryptocurrency investments.

Here is a Winthrills video guide on VIP membership upgrade.

#5. How to invest in Winthrills network project

Whether it’s real estate projects or cryptocurrency trading, it takes just few clicks to make an investment and with same procedure. Read up this guide for steps.

#6. How to verify your account

Account verification is very important to Mandee Thrills, the operator of WinthrillsNetwork. It is the company’s Know Your Customer (KYC) policy to make sure the investor information provided on the WINThrills Network investor platform is real and verifiable. This is also the company policy complying with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML). Read the step-by-step here.

#7. How to withdraw profits to your bank account

Your investment gives you daily % interest which you can decide to withdraw daily, weekly,  or monthly. The profits reflects in your back office and you can withdraw the cash ($, Naira, or in bitcoin) to your bank account using the available options described here.

#8. What does compounding profits mean?

“Albert Einstein – Compound interest.Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it. Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.”

It means that the interest you earn each period is added to your principal, so that the balance doesn’t merely grow, it grows at an increasing rate. You will be amazed how your investment will grow when you use it. I use this site to calculate my compounded earnings to know what to expect after certain period of time.

That’s a 1000+ word guide that everyone who wants to know how WINThrills Network works and wants to make money from it needs to read. We have shared our 1+ years of online wisdom in this ultimate guide.

As long as you’re willing to put in the hard work and effort, you’ll reap the reward. Remember, there are no shortcuts.

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In case you don’t find an answer to your question, simply use our contact form to send us a message. We love helping users get started with Winthrillsnetwork Investment.

We hope that you found our tutorial on how winthrills network works to be helpful. You may also want to check out our article on 4 Bitcoin Business You Should Start Investing In Right Now

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