Winthrills Network Review – Legit Business or Big Investment Scam?

Hey everyone, welcome to Winthrills Network advertising and investment services Review!

There has been some buzz about this winthrillsnetwork company for over 5 years, so I decided to check it out for myself.

Chances are someone approached you about WINThrills Network real estate crowdfunding opportunity and now, you landed here to make sure it’s legit.

To ensure all details given here are confirmed from experience, I gave Winthrills Investment a test drive in January, 2016 to see things first hand.

The good news is I am going to walk you through the company, projects and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Quick Link: Winthrillsnetwork explained in 8 simple steps

What I need you to do next is PAY close attention and read this to the end because I reveal some interesting truths…

Winthrills Network Review – The Company

Winthrills is a Bitcoin Businesses to invest in right now


WINThrills Network was started by a UK born Michael Rotimi Richards as WIN, an acronym for Web Income Nigeria in 2009. Officially, on the company’s About page, it was launched in 2010 and gained online presence in 2012 under the leadership of Stan Grossman and Michael Rotimi Richards.

History of Winthrills, as a Company

Information gathered from slideplayer and docslide reveals details about Web Income Nigeria. Then, it was basically an advertising platform, with a website name as “”, now defunct.

VConnect also confirm that Web Income Nigeria employs you to advertise and market online via your own Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LikedIn pages or even your website. You advertise for them and they pay you handsomely directly into your local bank account.

Below is a summary of WIN in pictures.

Winthrills Network started as WIN in 2009
Winthrills Network in 2009

Further digging shows Winthrills Network continued as WIN till 2013 and by this time, the company has good online presence. Facts from Facebook search and their Twitter handle shows paying members advertising ads from the website.

Then, many sees it has a job to pass the time and this explains why it was not too popular.

Winthrills search on Facebook links to webincomeng
webincomeng search on Facebook
Winthrills Network on twitter
Winthrills Network shows webincomeng on Twitter in 2013.

I decided to check out the Winthrills Network website domain information and found out that “” has been moved. A search on “” shows registration date as 2013-12-13, meant to expire on 2017-12-13 but updated 2015-12-07. Another search on “” shows registration date as 2014-10-15, to expire 2018-10-15 update dated 2015-06-20. If you look at those dates closely, you will notice the company moved from one domain name to the other but why? Let’s find out.

Why Winthrills From WIN?

In my quest to give an honest Winthrills Network review and answer the question whether it’s a legit Investment or another scam, I sought further why the company changed from webincomeng to Winthrills and later Winthrills Network.

I found answers in a YouTube video made in June 2014, where a Winthrills promoter was using bots to promote ads. By using bots softwork to spam multiple Facebook groups, pages, websites, Twitter handles, made Winthrills link spammy and blocked by those sites.

Outside the fact that its against Winthrills guidelines to use bots and/or tweak ad links, it rendered the website “” totally useless. Any link that bears was shown as spam on Facebook and Twitter – the aim of advertising businesses on social media was defeated. This explains why the company’s Twitter and Facebook handle became dormant about thesame period.

Again, in October 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) finalization of Title III of the JOBS Act opened the doors of real estate crowdfunding to non-accredited investors. This coincides with the period WINThrills crowdfunding service opened to everyone.

What About Mandee Thrills Link With Winthrills Network?

When you go through Winthrills Network terms of service page, you will see that “WINThrills Network service and network (collectively, the “Service”) are operated by Mandee Thrills Limited (the “Company,” “we,” or “us”). So, which company is this?

About Mandee Thrills

Mandee Thrills, according to Companies Check and Company House, a free UK Limited company check with data from Companies House annual accounts, cash at bank and more, reveals the following Interesting details.

Two director:

  1. EDORHE, Michael Imonikhe, a Nigerian appointed 24, December 2015.
  2. RUBIANI, Stefano Richards, an italian appointed 14, March 2017.

Registered office address

30 Leadenhall Market The Leadenhall Building, 122 Leadenhall Street, London, England, EC3V 1LR.

As shown in this report, the Leadenhall building is the tallest building office complex in London. Mandee Thrills, the operators of Winthrills Network, is among the 16 companies with office in this building as shown in this UK company data base.

Further information about Mandee Thrills filing and history can be found here.

To further confirm that those sites with Mandee Thrills are not Winthrills scam, serious minded individuals who want to make money online through Winthrills Investment has confirmed their existence in the United Kingdom.

Winthrills Network Review – The Projects

Before I jump into the exact projects, let me state here that you will enjoy better experience with the company with their several agents. You can join this WhatsApp group or speak to rubiztech to get further assistance.

In the group, you will be shown exactly how to use winning methods in your Winthrills Investments.

Also, if you get stuck anywhere, we are readily available to chat you up and provide all needed support.

Okay enough of that, let’s see what you can get…

WINThrills Network Solutions is a Network Advertising platform that delivers both amazing results for its advertisers and a highly profitable revenue stream for its promoters. Since 2010, online marketers have depended on the WINThrills Network Advertising to deliver to visitors. WINThrills centralizes the advertisers who wish to promote products or services online and the promoters who are eager to generate revenue. Guide on how to advertise on Winthrills has been explained here.

WINThrills Investment Solutions

Winthrills Real estate investment

Winthrills Network is also into real estate investment. All of the business investments are set up to be ‘hands free’ for the investor. This means all the steps in investing in the property are taken care of by professionals with virtually no input required from you, the investor.

This they do through Crowdfunding – brings investors together to invest in development projects or to buy properties for the buy-to-let market.

Winthrills Network Reviews – The Compensation Plan

There are several compensation plans but that depends on if you are on free membership or VIP membership.

Free Membership

Once you sign up for a free account here, you are automatically a free member. Benefits include:

  • You can invest in any of the projects/properties
  • You earn 0.5% as commission from affiliate
  • When your referral upgrades to VIP, you get $1.4 (#500) instant bonus if you are a VIP member.

‎VIP Membership

VIP members on Winthrills Network can do more. It comes with a #5,000 subscription fee which is renewable every year.

  • 5 of any amount your invite invest if you are a VIP member.You get the above every time your referrals deposit into a project.
  • When your referral upgrades to VIP, you get $2.7 (#1,000) instant bonus if you are a VIP member.
  •  Passup bonuses from your downlines​ downlines up to the 5th generation.
  •  December $150 promo on each VIP member you get.
  • Qualified to run mid-year promo, like the just concluded 10% 2017 July promo. See testimonies here.Lots more!

Winthrills Investment

On Winthrills Network, you earn between 0.4% to 0.54% when you crowdfund any available projects. The exact profit is determined by your capital invested. See guide on how to invest in a project.

November 19th Update: Winthrills just launched a cryptocurrency (bitcoin) investment. Watch video below

Winthrills Payment Options

As an example, Vital Luxury, a property which was made available for investors to crowdfund has the following ROI (Return On Investment)

Winthrills Network projects
Vital Luxury ROI

Winthrills  Network Verification

In Winthrills Investment, expected to be verified. Using Know Your Customer – KYC enables Winthrills to know/ understand their customers and their financial dealings to be able to serve them better and manage its risks prudently.

So, after completing your registration through this link, you are expected to submit the following:

  1. A valid government issued ID Care to verify your registered name
  2. And a Utility bill or duely stamped one page copy of your bank statement that bears BOTH your name and address you used to register on Winthrills Investment website.

See detailed guide on how to verify your WINThrills Network account.

Though verification is not a must, you will be unable to withdraw above $100 (#20,000) and will be restricted from carrying out fund exchange. Learn everything about Winthrills funding here.

Check out my Winthrills Network Review video

Winthrills Network Review – The Conclusion

Well after doing some research about more research on the company and actually getting in as a trial, the system looks great.

Not only that, it just converts very well.

For example, I sent out an email yesterday about it and I got several sign up’s at the free level.

I am sure they will keep their membership because you get a TON of value and you will get results once you take action on the training.

Click here and Get Started

There really isn’t any risk if you think about it…

You can try this for 30 days for only $14 (#5,000)…

So if you are serious about building a business online for the long haul…

You would get started today – > click here.

I will be giving my personal team members special coaching and training who do stick with this beyond the trial period because I want to work with serious people only.

If you don’t know this about me, I have created multiple 6 figure income streams in my past ventures.

I have sponsored over 6000 people into other network marketing companies in the past 2 years…

In other words, I know what I am doing.

And I will pass this on to you because ultimately, I want you to hit a home run with this 🙂

So go ahead right now and get started click here.

I will see you on the inside.

I hope you enjoyed my Winthrills Investment review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

To Your Success.

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