WINThrills Network Promoter Center: How To Promote Ads And Get Paid

After the program advertisers create ads, WINThrills Network promoter promotes the ads and get paid. To start promoting ads on Winthrills Network, you need at least a free membership account. You can click here to register and then you can start to earn extra with the Networking Program and Pay per promotion (PPP).

As a WINThrills Network Promoter, you can select the type of adverts to be shown on your social network pages, website or blog at Pay per click (PPC). You can earn up to 85% revenue share, depending on the performance the advertisers attain from your ad placements.

As easy it may seem, many still know how to promote ads. Others get banned from the program totally because they violate the rules. This is why this article seeks to make members understand the WINThrills Network promoter center and how to promote ads and get paid.

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WINThrills Network Promoter Center

There are several tips that every WINThrills Network promoter must know. They are highlighted below.

To begin, login into your WINthrills account to have access to the promoting tools. If you join through a referrer, you will receive free N1000 into your account instantly.

  • Click on Account>>Profile and enter all your personal information which should include your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+ accounts. Enter your blog/website (not a must) if you have one. This will enable the Network to monitor the progress of ads shared by you.
  • Now, go to Promoter Center, you should see two types of WINThrills ads labeled PPC/PPP Text Ads and PPC Banner Ads. Simply click on the one you prefer and start sharing your social network. For example, if you choose to promote Text ads, after clicking on PPC/PPP Text Ads, you will see something this below. click on the document-like icon in the red box to get the Text ads that can be promoted.
WINThrills Netwok Promote PPC/PPP Text Ads From WINThrills Network
PPC/PPP Text Ads
Ads for WINThrills Network promoters
Ads for WINThrills Network promoters

Note: Make no changes to the links or text when promoting ads to avoid errors. We recommend that you promote at least 2 different ads a day.

How Do I See Clicks And Earnings From Ads I Promoted?

Clicks and money made from promoting WINThrills ads on your social network page(s) will be updated in your member account every interval of 7 to 8 days. This feature is available to VIP members only.

To see earnings from promoting ads;

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the “Promoter” menu
  • Click on the “My Promotion Earnings” link to see updates on earnings from clicks on the ads you promote.

How Do I Add My Social Network URLs To My Profile

Adding your social network page URL to your membership is quite simple.

  • Log in to your Facebook, twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn account
  • Click on your profile or timeline.
  • Copy the link displayed at the top of your browser
  • Paste it in your WINThrills Network profile.

You can edit your social network pages/URL at any time in the member’s area.

Can I Click On Ads I Promote?

Clicking on the ads on your own page or site for any reason is strictly prohibited. If you are interested in one of the ads, simply type the URL of the ad directly into your browser’s address bar or log in to the member’s area and click on the ad directly to see a preview of the ads. Do not click on the ads after you have published or posted them on your own social network page.

Can I Encourage Others To Click On Ads I Promote?

Don’t ask or encourage others to click on the ads you promote. Asking or encouraging others to click on the ads for any reason, either directly or indirectly, is strictly prohibited. Using sentences such as “click the ads to support us”, “visit our sponsors” or “please click the ads” will lead to account termination.

Can I Promote My Social Network Page Or Purchasing Traffic From Clicks-exchange Networks?

Don’t display ads in an unrequested pop-up, pop-under or third-party’s frame. Pages showing the WINThrills ads may never be loaded in an unrequested pop-up, pop-under, floating HTML item or as an inner frame of a third party.
Promoting your page or website or purchasing traffic from clicks-exchange networks is strictly prohibited.

Can I Shorten Ad links Or Texts?

Do not shorten the links of the ads. Do not change the message of the ad. This strictly against our terms.

Where Can I Promote The WINThrlls Ads?

Don’t place the WINThrlls ads on sites that contain prohibited content. The WINThrlls ads may not be displayed alongside any type of content prohibited by our program policies, such as adult or mature content, or illegal drugs content. Promote ads only on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and linkedIn).

Do I get paid for every click?

WINThrills Network pays promoters only for legitimate clicks, meaning, clicks that were generated by the page or website visitors that willingly clicked on the ads because they found it appealing.

WINThrills Network Promoter Revenue Calculator
WINThrills Network Promoter Revenue Calculator

Few examples of clicks that they do not recognize as legitimate:

  1. Continuous clicks on the same ad.
  2. Clicks generated by automated scripts.
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If you follow the above guidelines carefully as a WINThrills Network promoter, you will be safe to prmote and earn for as long as you wish. Have any question? Let us know using the comment box below.


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