Winthrills Network Community Now Live On Discord Channel

The Winthrills Network community has turned 8 so let me begin by wishing us a happy new year! 2018 holds lots of exciting promises on Winthrills network and to kick start, we are now live on discord channel!

Before now, many  winthrills network investors run a one-man show. This is based on the fact that, winthrills is not a multi level market scheme. The downside of this is, inability to to enjoy fund exchange and you loose out from experience shared by others.

Winthrills Network Community Growth

As a community, Winthrills Network has thrived more on Facebook and WhatsApp. Facebook been a social platform where all eyes are focused is not a place to show off your earnings to play safe.

WhatsApp on the other hand has been a safe haven for majority of investors but due to its limited membership, the community of investors are been split into different groups. Questions that arises in one, repeats itself in the other and group admins works tirelessly to give answers.

Telegram seems to be the readily available option. You can easily pin a message for new members to see when they join. But, winthrills network investment comes with new updates every time and one needs to keep up with answering questions  that arises from it. This is why, we have decided to launch the winthrills network community on discord channel.


There are several reasons why discord is the best option to build a winthrills network community. Whether you are on PC or mobile – Android and iOS, Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for community-inclined platform like winthrills that’s free, secure.

Winthrills Network community launch on discord

No more repeated questions and repeated answers. New members can now have access to different frequently asked questions explicitly answered on our discord server sections.

Join us and be part of the winthrills network community; interact with others in our text channels, use the support channel to get help from the admins, enter a voice channel and communicate with other investors while getting daily updates. These are just some of the features that you will be able to enjoy on our Discord Server.

What to Expect in Winthrills Network Discord Community

There are lots of benefits you stand to gain when you join us on discord channel. As part of winthrills network investors in our server, you have access to:

To ensure the community is clean and well managed, there are some simple house rules to keep.


Before initiating any conversations, please be aware of the following:

  • >> Please be respectful, do not spam, advertise, or excessively swear in our chat, we’re a friendly community.
  • >> Please do not share your Sponsor links in the chatrooms, please contact @rubiztech#2227 if you do not already have a Sponsor.
  • >> Please keep topics related to their associated chatrooms, and feel free to ask any admin for advice and help if required.
  • >> Please do not sell funds to strange fellows so as not to loose your money. Use the escrows on #fund-exchange section
  • >> Report any strange activities to admins.

Once you have kept these rules in mind, you are ready to explore our Winthrills server.

We want to grow something awesome here. Follow the rules and all will be gucci.


To get further support from winthrills network investment community at large, join and follow these channels:


Facebook page

Facebook group


YouTube Official


So what are you still waiting for? Click here to join the winthrills network investment community on discord now.

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What do you think of Winthrills Network community going live on discord? Do you think it will improve individuals overall investment experience? Leave a comment in the comment box below.


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