Building Wealth With SwissCoin CryptoCurrency: All You Need To Know

Swisscoin Cryptocurrency, like the popular bitcoin, is a currency not issued by governments or banks. The currency uses some complicated programming to limit the amount of money that can be created. and if you are yet to invest into it, now is the perfect time to get started.

There are many opportunities available to start an online based income by sitting at home because the internet is the center of knowledge. Considering the financial risks that come from relying on one source of income, such as a job or a business, it is best to consider creating at least one or more additional streams to generate cash flow.

I think there are very few people on earth who break through and these are people who see the positive side of things. The truth is, they are the winners. Today, I will be sharing a quick walk through on Swisscoin Cryptocurrency.

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About Swisscoin Cryptocurrency

SwissCoin is a new cryptocurrency that is created by a company from Switzerland with several partners from Germany. It’s a huge business opportunity for everyone willing to step into financial liberty.

Create your free SwissCoin account here

Cryptocurrency is “digital money” and is created by a technology called blockchain. It is a pre-set limited amount making the value to be determined by the demand, therefore the value of a cryptocurrency is always extremely low at a start, gaining a higher value as more people invest on ownership of the cryptocurrency.

SwissCoin Startup Event, Frankfurt 02,  201 July 2016

On the 2nd of July this year, SwissCoin Cryptocurrency was officially launched at Frankfurt. Here in this video is an overview of what happened.

SwissCoin Global Even in pictures

Swisscoin Cryptocurrency Event in Frankfurt
Swisscoin Cryptocurrency Event in Frankfurt
More Swisscoin Event in Frankfurt
More Swisscoin Event in Frankfurt
SwissCoin miners from South Africa
SwissCoin miners from South Africa
Swisscoin activities in China
Swisscoin activities in China

How does Swisscoin Cryptocurrency work?

Swisscoin company is offering members to invest in and get ownership of coins before they are offering it to the public market, they are allowing people to invest and secure themselves the coin making them the owners and the ones who will profit from selling the coin to the public at a higher value.

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The company is using the network marketing concept up until public launch to build a pre-demand of it and therefore ensure the growth of value. By doing this they have marketers all over the world working daily with sharing the information on Swisscoin, creating awareness of the coin and therefore ensuring the demand to grow.

To Become a top 3 cryptocurrency on the market? 

The company strategy to become a top 3 cryptocurrency on the market is two main things.

  1. Using the network marketing concept, a peer to peer recommendation system to create awareness of the coin, creating a pre-demand for the coin ensuring the value to increase one’s it starts mining.
  2. Focusing on the utility of the swisscoin, meaning education to merchants on the benefits of using and accepting swisscoin as a payment method, the benefits of reduced transaction costs as well as many other points, the gathering of acceptance places around the world has already started with close to 1000 Merchants connecting in less than 4 weeks

Who can participate in Swisscoin 

Anyone and everyone can participate in Swisscoin Cryptocurrency. swisscoin is user-friendly and does not require any previous knowledge, advanced programs or any system except the Swisscoin account/dashboard. Swisscoin is made user-friendly and simple to be able to reach the masses (big market).

How can I mine Swisscoin? 

You cannot mine Swisscoin, the coins will be mined by the company and distributed to the members according to when the member invested at what difficulty level (simple and user-friendly)

Will Swisscoin be a decentralized blockchain?

Yes, the Blockchain of swisscoin will be completely decentralized and controlled by the network of users verifying each transaction, just like bitcoin.

When will Swisscoin be on the public exchange?

Swisscoin will be decentralized and offered on the public exchange on August 1st, 2017

How can I invest in swisscoin? 

To invest in swisscoin at this stage, you need to create an account through an invitation link. An invitation link you can get from the person who introduced you to Swisscoin. After setting up your account, you fund your E-Wallet to be able to purchase a swisscoin educational package containing tokens. Contact me for your funding.

What products Does SwissCoin Offer?

SwissCoin offers to its members is different levels of educational packs within cryptocurrency and finance, so that members can educate themselves on the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency which is by guarantee the future of payments.

The educational packs range from €25 and up to €15,000.

Swisscoin educational pack
Swisscoin educational packs

In the pack you purchase you will also receive “tokens” that are used to generate SwissCoin in the system, you will receive 1 token for 0.1 euro. Meaning if you Invest €500, you will get 5,000 tokens. You will also receive 1 split in your pack (a split doubles up your tokens) giving you a total of 10,000 tokens.

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Today as SwissCoin mines at the lowest rate possible (1/1) you get 1 SwissCoin out of 1 token in the mining process, as more coins are mined over time, the difficulty will increase.

Your will then receive 10,000 SwissCoins after the mining and as the value of the coin increases, so does the value of your total amount of coins do.

Here is the most interesting part, when SwissCoin is valued at only €1, your investment of €500 would be worth €10,000 (as you have 10,000 coins).

That’s just the minimum possible. In 2018 SwissCoin is expected to be valued at closer to €5 per coin and still rising, meaning you €500 investment would the be worth €50,000.

What are tokens?

Tokens is the means which company uses to calculate how many coins you will get depending on total amount submitted at what difficulty rate (total number of tokens divided by difficulty level gives you amount of coins)

What is difficulty level? 

The difficulty level is determining how many tokens are used to generate 1 swisscoin. The more coins that are mined (the lesser coins that are left to produce) the higher the difficulty level of producing them. In the beginning of a cryptocurrency, the difficulty is very low, as the demand increases and more people invest, the lesser the coins that are left of the total amount and the difficulty increases.

What is a split?

A split is a company bonus that will double the amount of tokens you have, therefore you will also get twice as many coins from mining. All packages from Swisscoin contains at least one split.

What is KYC?

KYC stands for “known your customer” and is a standard banking procedure verifying who you are. A copy of your passport / valid photo ID and proof of residence (utility bill) must be uploaded to your account for verification.

This is to prevent money laundering, fraud, and other illegal activities and to ensure Swisscoin as a fully legal company,  KYC verification can take time as it is done manually so it is encouraged to do asap and it will be done as soon as possible.

Can I sell my coins right away?

No, it is not possible to sell any coins before buy after the initial public offering on the 1st of August 2017.

Does swisscoin have a blockchain? 

No, swisscoin does not have a blockchain as of the date December 28th, the Swisscoin Blockchain is being developed at the moment and it will be launched live at the Swisscoin International convention on the 9th of April 2017.

Will there be limitations on how many coins to sell once swisscoin is public? 

No, there will be no limitations on selling, trading or transferring swisscoin. Swisscoin will be completely decentralized just like bitcoin.

How Can I Make Money With SwissCoin?

There are two ways to make money with Swisscoin which includes;

  1. Investing in the mining of coins as explained above
  2. Referring someone and getting paid commissions and bonuses.

Referring someone and getting paid commissions and bonuses.

SwissCoin has a phenomenal hybrid compensations plan where they pay you commission to help educate more people and help them to benefit from the opportunity.

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From any direct sale of the educational packs, you will receive 10% of the BV (business volume/investments) in commission, no limits to how many people you can “sponsor” in with your link.

One BV = €0.8

As the direct sales of €500 is 500 BV, calculated to a commission at 1BV = €0.8, this means you get €40 in commission.

Team Bonuses

Swisscoin Team Bonuses
Swisscoin Team Bonuses

If you have a €50 package or above yourself, you will also be eligible for “team bonus” which is between 2-22% of all sales done by your entire team down through infinity.

Matching Bonuses

swisscoin matching bonus
Swisscoin matching bonus

If you have a €250 package or above yourself you are also eligible for “matching bonus” which pays on our your team commission in 11 generations down, ranging from 1-20% of their earned commissions.

How Can I Cashout?

Once you have money in your SwissCoin wallet, you have different options to cash out;

  1. To bank account
  2. Using SwissCoin Mastercard now available since September 2016
  3. Reinvest in buying more coins and making more money.

40% of your earnings are automatically re-injected into the system for mining while 60% is made available. This is particularly interesting as it ensures you have that recurring earning coming your way.

Can I profit from swisscoin as the only investor or am I obligated to bring in people. 

Yes, as an investor, you will profit from the huge value increase that Swisscoin will experience over the years, there is absolutely no obligation for you to bring in people to make a profit from your investment,  this is a choice if you want to help build the network and earning additional commission with nothing to do with your initial investment only your efforts. As an investor, You buy low and sell high.

How can I make an additional commission with Swisscoin?

To make additional earnings outside of your investment you need to share the information about swisscoin cryptocurrency that you was given to others again. If you talk to someone about swisscoin and they want to invest, the company will give you a commission based upon their investment as you were the one generating the investment initially with your own efforts.

Is there a limit to how many I can introduce to swisscoin? 

No, there is no limit to how many people you can introduce to swisscoin cryptocurrency, it can be 10, it can be 10.000, it all depends on how many people you are willing to talk to.

Are there any limitations on how much I can earn daily? 

No, there are absolutely no limitations on how much you can earn per day in Swisscoin. Earnings are based solely on you and your team’s effort in promoting swisscoin to generate investments.

Is there a guarantee % return on daily/weekly/monthly/yearly investment?

No, there is no daily return % on anything in swisscoin. Once invested in swisscoin you have ownership of the coin, these you will profit from at time of selling on exchange or using with merchants, when and at what value is of your choice (after August 2017)

What is the expected growth in value? 

2017- €1- – – 2020 – €10

The Continuous success of the coin after going on the public exchange? 

Swisscoin company will continuously bring in new merchants to the swisscoin community accepting swisscoin as a payment method. The higher the usability of the coin the higher the demand, the higher the demand the higher the value.

How to Join SwissCoin Cryptocurrency?

SwissCoin is giving out 100 free coins to every one of the first 1000,000 miners. That makes a total of free 100,000,000 free coins.

Create your free account now and secure your free coins. Once you make up your mind to invest, those coins would have been in your account. Note that this free gift will end with the 1000,000th new member.

Click here to join and you may want to contact me for your funding.

Final Word

Many people are really poor, and the economy keeps going down every day… Do you have a backup plan? But I think joining SwissCoin cryptocurrency takes you out of that group. I’d like to know what you think. Let’s talk in the comment box.

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