Crowdfunding Winthrills Network Projects Using Bitcoin, Naira, USD

WINThrills Network, a real estate crowdfunding website, is allowing investors to use bitcoin to invest in vetted properties. In this article, you will learn how to crowdfund WINThrills project using blockchain technology. However, the Mandee Thrill UK operated company is not limited to cryptocurrency investments. The ever growing members can as well invest using Naira and USD.

Investing in real estate projects is also capital intensive and is highly cash flow dependent. With the help of its property managers, Winthrills are completely dedicated to you and your investment. This investment has been designed for UK and overseas investors to allow for strong returns, whilst maintaining full control over capital.

About Bitcoin Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real Estate Crowdfunding is a new tool for raising money for businesses and an easier way to access such ventures for investors. Though our focus will be mainly on investing using bitcoin, same principle applies if you choose to use Naira or USD to run your winthrills investments.

The idea behind bitcoin crowdfunding is that many people are willing to invest a small amount, and when they do, large sums of money can be raised quite quickly. It opens doors for businesses to investors they could never reach otherwise.

By utilizing the bitcoin crowdfunding concept made popular by sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, WINThrills Network effectively provides individual investors access to alternative investment options and the ability to hand-select projects.

Getting Started With Project Crowdfunding

Disclaimer: Though proven to be sustainable and legit with about 8 years successful investment record, you are advice to invest only what you can afford to loose.

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Before you start investing in any form of bitcoin business, you will need to understand what bitcoin is. You will need a bitcoin wallet, similar to your bank account. Only, in this case, you are in total control in receiving, sending, or storing your bitcoin money. Also, you need to know about bitcoin  price and how it’s relevant to bitcoin Investment today. Learn how to Open a Bitcoin Account.

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If intend using using Naira or USD to fund your winthrills investment, all you need is your ATM / MasterCard as explained in 6 Things You Must Know About Funding Your WinThrills Network Account.

Now that you own a bitcoin wallet and knows how to fund it, below are the businesses you can invest in bitcoin.

Winthrills Network Projects

Since 2014 when UK Car Park, WINThrills first project was made available for investors to crowdfund, several other projects have been launched. At the time of this write up, 4 projects are available to crowdfund with bitcoin (and other currencies as well).

Summary of all the running WINThrills projects:

There are several running projects and the maximum / minimum amount required to invest, the return on investment (ROI), project duration, daily payment rate etc depends on the project you choose to invest into. Note also that, you can choose to cancel a project and get your money return to you in case of emergencies. Below is an updated list of current running winthrills network projects in Naira (rate 360 = USD).

#1. Waste To Energy

winthrills projects

You can benefit from an ethical investment in waste-to-energy facilities across the UK. These initiatives divert thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill and turn it into renewable fuels, helping supply UK industry with more sustainable energy sources.

The company has issued a bond to increase and develop their renewable energy projects throughout the country. Investing into a bond gives you a fixed return and your capital back at the end of the period. They possess a number of sites across England, with income arising from gate fees, fuel sales and government incentives.


Fixed Investment Return from 15%
UK based company generating clean energy for the UK
£2.5 million invested by owners to kick start the company
Excellent management company

Waste to Energy Compensation Plan.

Below is winthrills network compensation plan on waste to energy.

latest winthrills project

Max. Pay times means the duration the project will run and you get paid profit (%) for each day. on the 160th day, your capital is returned to you and you have the choice to withdraw or reinvest. Notice also that it is limited to VIP membership.

#2. Crowdfunding  Cryptocurrency (BTC)

bitcoin real estate crowdfunding

If you’re still asking yourself “why invest in bitcoin?” perhaps consider this. With the rising price of the cryptocurrency over the last couple of years, bitcoin has begun rivalling safe-haven assets, such as gold and silver. Case in point, bitcoin surged ahead of the gold price for the first time ever in March 2017 (at the time, bitcoin was $1,268 while the precious metal was $1,233 an ounce).

The daily earning interest for cryptocurrency on Winthrills Network will change over time and is exclusively decided by the volatility of the cryptocurrency. Also, cryptocurrency investing has no benchmark and all plans in the offering will be reviewed and updated every 5 working days. This offering is without limit and will not be sold out.

This investment option in cryptocurrency (BTC) involves profiting from Winthrills Network trading by its dedicated professionals. You will receive daily profit based on your investment option. Upon investment term completion, you will receive your principal to take out from the platform or optionally reinvest back in the cryptocurrency offering to continue receiving daily profit (work days only).

Cryptocurrency (BTC) | Bitcoin Compensation Plan.

Below is winthrills network compensation plan on Cryptocurrency (BTC) Bitcoin.

crowdfunding winthrills bitcoin project

#3. High Street

Winthrills real estate crowdfunding on High Street Group

High Street Group is focused on development projects and rental units in both the commercial and residential sectors. The Directors hope to raise up to £10,000,000 from the issue of the Bond. Since its inception 10 years ago, The High Street Group of Companies has successfully developed businesses covering Debt & Wealth Management, Financial Claims and Business & Developer Finance. They have £34 million of assets.

The Group is one of the UK’s most successful privately owned businesses, and a leading financial and property group, being one of the North East’s most recognized and respected brands. They operate multiple companies in property development and construction, hospitality and leisure, offering expertise and opportunities across multiple sectors. Since its inception 10 years ago The High Street group has successfully developed businesses covering Financial Claims and Business & Developer Finance.


£25,000 entry level
Clear exit strategy
HSG has a listed bond in Gib and co-listed on the LSE
Security – the loan note is 100% asset backed against the group’s property portfolio of £34,000,000 via a Security Trustee
Successful track record – 7th loan note
Award Winning Developer

High Street Compensation Plan

#4. Dolphin Investment

Dolphin Capital crowdfunding

Dolphin Trust has offices across Germany focusing on the sourcing, construction and sales of German Listed Buildings and also has a global presence with offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland and an Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore. Dolphin Capital was originally launched in 2008, uniting a group of companies that had worked together for over 25 years and have since developed a reputation as a leader in the niche market of redevelopment of Listed Buildings in Germany. Dolphin Trust GmbH offers a secured short-to medium-term investment opportunity focusing on the unique Listed Building sector in Germany.


High rate return of Interest
Term options for investment available
Strong track record in the sourcing, renovating and sale of German Listed Buildings

Dolphin Estate Compensation Plan

Dolphin estate winthrills estate crowdfuund

It is worth noting here that, unlike other projects available for crowdfunding and pay every working day, only Dolphin estate does not pay on weekends.

#5. Commercial Bond

Winthrills Network Commercial Bonds Project

Investment Summary


Investing into a fixed income bond can provide investors with a range of benefits including:

Stability: Regular interest payments allow you to plan ahead.
High Yield Returns: The bond pays investors a rate of return between 15% – 20%
Investments are freely tradable giving you access to capital at all times with no penalty fees.

What you need to know about Commercial Bonds

Commercial bonds guarantee income, preserve capital and increase total returns. In the current low interest rate environment and with real inflation above 2.5%, savings accounts and cash ISAs are literally eroding the hard earned money of millions of savers in the U.K.

Investment grade secure bonds are excellent at protecting capital while paying inflation beating income of up to 20%. They offer the investor peace of mind that their principle investment is secure and will be repaid in full on the bonds set maturity date.

One of the most attractive elements is that bonds provide income on a schedule that is either monthly, quarterly or bi-annually generating a steady, predictable stream of income from your savings. We will break it down so you see returns on a daily basis. In a low interest rate environment corporate bonds are the most effective investment vehicle to grow your wealth.


Returns of 15% to 20%
Asset Backed for Capital Security
Simple Process
Award Winning Developer

Commercial Bond Compensation Plan

winthrills network project plans

How to crowdFund Winthrills Network Projects Using Bitcoin

Here is how to fund your Winthrills Network account using bitcoin.

  • Login to your Winthrills account.
  • Under ACCOUNT, click on FUNDS
  • On next page, choose PAYEER as payment gateway
  • Fill the amount and verification code and click ADD FUND
  • On the PAYEER portal, select BITCOIN option in USD, fill in your email address and click CONFIRM
  • Copy the wallet address and the EXACT bitcoin digits as shown
  • Go to your bitcoin wallet and complete the payment using the copied info.
  • Done

Your account will be credited instantly!

Here is how to fund your Winthrills Network account using Fund Exchange.

In Winthrills Network, you can sell your back office cash (BOC) through fund exchange. This video will demonstrate to you, all you need to know about winthrills fund exchange. Below is a video guide demonstrating how it is done. You will need to be a member of our discord channel or Telegram winthrills investors group to be able to get this done.

Once funding is complete, you proceed to invest in any WINThrills Network project of your choose.

How to Invest in Winthrills Network Projects Using Bitcoin

After funding your WINThrills Network account with bitcoin, use this guide below to invest in a project.

  • Under ​INVESTOR CENTER​, click on ​projects​
  • I recommend ​Aura Luxury​ which on the first page. (As at the time of putting up this video)
  • Click on it and stroll down.
  • Fill in the form at the bottom to complete the Investment.

Your bitcoin Investment will start running ​on the 3rd day and profit will start coming in on the 4th day​.

This is how to crowdfund WINThrills Network project using bitcoin. You may want to read up WINThrills FAQs. Maybe you have questions, use the comment box below.


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