Has MMM Nigeria Crashed? All You Need to Know About MMM

Has MMM crashed in Nigeria? That was the question buzzing around social media the past few days. Coming after MMM Zimbabwe allegedly crashed, the reports flying around is about a purported folding up of MMM Nigeria in Lagos which have sent participants of the scheme into an early panic. RUBIZTECH can report that the information are false. We already wrote an article to correct that impression here.

Information reaching us says many media watchers have been in anticipation of an imminent crash of MMM Nigeria; but that is yet to happen and in fact, the scheme keeps waxing stronger. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have sent strong warnings but participants of the scheme keep testifying of its success, even on youtube!

So, what’s next? Is MMM Nigeria safe to invest in? Is all we read about on Wikipedia a lie? Is MMM a Ponzi Scheme? Is MMM a Scam? Is it an HYIP? Frankly, I have my doubts too especially after making my own research. So you are not alone and in fact, anyone with his or her right senses should ask these questions about MMM.

Many of those who rightly have doubts about MMM (or say this or that opportunity is a scam) end up participating and by the time they take their decisions to a positive change, they won’t come back to you. They are moving on and you are stagnant. I was one of them and my proof is here for all to see.

Is MMM Nigeria Really a Scam?

Scam or Ponzi!

Whatever you think and say (or write) may not really have an influence on some positive minds. Risk bearers and  participants are optimistic. I think there are very few people on earth who break through and these are people who see the positive side of things. The truth is, they are the winners.

The same things were said of WINThrills network and a bunch of people are wallowing in regrets as we speak. You may join them very soon if you don’t step forward and join WINThrills today.

Admit it or not, you have lost a huge amount in the past on some flashy offers. Now you are scared. Of course, it’s said “Once bitten by a snake, you get even more scared of an earthworm

You failed in the past. Yes, but does that mean you should retreat?

No brave soldiers surrender after failing in a battle. The war continues

According to Donald Trump, “Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war”.

But why do I have to tell you this?

I’m a risk bearer and positive thinker. In my camp, you find the winners. This might have just been my opportunity to turn things around. So why not take the chance?

I have no 100% proof that MMM Nigeria is not SCAM or any other name you choose to call it and I’m not here trying to convince you that it isn’t. I want to conquer your fears because I know that’s the driving force behind being broke. It is good to ask questions but let it not be such that you end up finding reasons and justifications why you should not dare.

I have done some minimum research and the results are big enough to melt my fears away. The MMM Nigeria community is growing so rapidly. It is already established in 118 countries with over 200Million participants worldwide and I’m not one of those to sit back and not take action.

So, What Exactly is MMM Nigeria

For you to know about MMM, you will need to understand the IDEOLOGY, RULES and the RISK of participating in it. You know about the popular word ‘Contribution’ where people contribute money to one person and there’s a book where everyone’s name is written. When it gets to your turn; everybody’s money is given to you?

In MMM Nigeria and elsewhere, participants make pledges to donate our SPARE money to members who need the money. We do so by logging into our MMM account (Personal office) to make the pledge. We join the queue of people who made pledges after making the pledge.

How MMM Nigeria Work

Participants ONLY make pledges. They don’t gather pledges to give to one person. In MMM there is no CENTRAL ACCOUNT (No bank account where all our pledges are paid into). Members transfer money directly to each other.

Now, if a member of the community who has already made a pledge to provide financial help to another member and has fulfilled his pledge now needs help, he does that by logging into his MMM account (Personal Office) to say so.
The system connects him with the person in the queue for providing help. If it’s your turn in the queue to provide help; when you log into your Personal Office, you will receive the details of the person to provide financial help too.

As soon as you pay the money directly into the person’s bank account who needs that financial help and that person acknowledges he has received the money, you are now qualified to receive help.

You then log into your personal office to ask for financial help. Someone/people in the queue whose turn it is to provide help will be assigned to pay you 30% of the donation you provided + the donation money itself.

Components of MMM Nigeria

MMM is composed of 3 components

  1. Provide help
  2. Get help
  3. Technical basic program

A provider of help is someone who has pledged to give financial help in d community. He or she can also be a receiver of help when he or she has extended a financial helping hand to someone in d community.

A receiver of help is a member or participant who has already extended a helping hand or provided help. Thus is qualified to receive help from d community.

So basically MMM hasn’t any central pocket where all money deposits or donations goes into. Becos all donations are done peer to peer. How do I mean? Donations are done via member to member transfers into their bank accts or bitcoin wallet.

The technical basic program controls d activities of the provider of help n the receiver of help.

How can I participate and benefit financially in MMM?

Like I said earlier MMM is donation exchange network. If we had previous knowledge of mutual aid society. We understand mutual aid society is a community where we give financial help and receive financial help back. Once you join MMM here, the more financial help u give, the most financial help you get in return. Is like borrowing your money out, and receiving it back later or much later when u need it wit little interest (just an example).

MMM offers its participants an appreciation package for all donations the make to a participant in the community. MMM offers its participants 30 % growth rate per month for each and every donation they make in d system.

For example, I donate 1000 naira, after 30 days you would be qualified to 1300 naira as financial help from another participant in the community.

  • 5000 naira qualifies you to receive 6500 naira.
  • 10000 naira, qualifies you to receive 13000 naira.

So basically, the percentage grows by 1 % daily or 30 % month.

The basic calculation is Donation amount X 1.30 = expected amount after 30 days.

More About MMM Nigeria

Let me just hint us on what goes on in the system a little. When you make a donation request, ur request is registered n placed in a queue, while ur money still remains with you. In exchange, the system will register ur request with its virtual currency called mavros. This mavros is already growing at 1 percent per day. While your request is in queue n your money is with you.

It’s a tradition in MMM, that your donation is frozen for 15 days. So, within that 15 days, you can’t ask for help but you can ask for help after 15 days because it would have been unfrozen. Also, provided your order to send money to a participant who needs help is out already and money has been sent.

So there are situations where your request will be in the queue for 15-30 days (that’s for those using bank transfer to donate) and ur virtual mavros is growing steadily. Maybe on the 30th day, your donation request was approved, contact details and bank details of the recipient who needs help was sent to you and you make the payment already and payment was confirmed. I tell you, even the next day been the 31st day, you can withdraw or request to get help and the total money you asked for help will be paid to you within 48 hrs maximally by another participant by sharing MMM with friends, family, and business acquaintances.

MMM doesn’t make any guarantee. Why because it doesn’t generate revenue, neither does it use your money for any business to generate profit. It’s pure peer to peer transaction from one member to another member. MMM belongs to the community, its sustainability depends on the activities of the people that make up the MMM Nigeria community that is me, you, and other MMM Nigeria participants. So it is our corporate responsibility to ensure that this system giving to us freely by Sergry Mavrodi keeps helping people in meeting their financial needs by ensuring that we grow the community.

Just like the banks invest so many funds in marketing, to attract new deposits, MMM also markets through seminar presentations n Charity events to create awareness and encourage people of different Nigerian ethnic group to join the community.


30% Increase? Where it Comes From

Where does 30% come from? There is no interest rate in MMM. In MMM after you donate money, you can be rewarded with mavro. It is an index of your tribute to the development of the Community. This index grows 30% a month.

It is just a technical issue. Programmers can adjust this growth rate of mavro at any moment. The amount of mavro and its growth rate can be decreased, increased, stopped, canceled. The amount of mavro and its growth rate can be adjusted at any moment to balance PH (Providing Help) and GH (Getting Help).

That’s why MMM can’t collapse due to a weak inflow of donations. If the inflow of donations will decrease, the amount of mavro will be adjusted, but the main important thing is that the process of donation exchange will not stop. It makes MMM stronger than the financial organizations. Financial organizations have obligations, if they do not meet them, they will go bankrupt. MMM is very flexible.

How to Join MMM

So, now that you know all there is to know about MMM, do you still think MMM Nigeria is worth joining? If yes, here is another opportunity. Simply click here to join MMM today and be financially free. Have you any thought or experience about MMM that you think the world needs to know? Kindly share with us using the comment box below.

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