6 Things You Must Know About Funding Your WinThrills Network Account

On WINThrills Network website, you can register an account, complete funding the account and start investing on properties. If you don’t own an account yet, you can register an account by clicking here. After registering, then you can continue with this post.

Although as simple as this program seems, many newbies still find it difficult adding funds to their WinThrills account. We already discussed a guide on how to advertise on WinThrills network. Business minded members will find it handy.

For those who are still new to Winthrills network, you can check out this splendid review of the company and should also read the complete guide to making money on WINthrills. Today, we will be focusing on funding your WinThrills account and withdrawing profits which is summarized into 6 points and I will be discussing these below.

Funding Your WINThrills Network Account

#1. How Can I Add Funds To My WINThrills Account?

There are several options available to fund your Winthrills account and they are listed below:

  • You can fund your Winthrills Account using bitcoin. Use this guide.
  • You can fund your account using voguepay. Use this guide.
  • You can fund your account using fund exchange as explained in #4 below.
  • You can fund your account using bank deposit as explained below.

To add funds to your account using direct bank deposit, simply go to the “Account” section of the members’ area and then click on “Funds”. From the options provided, you can then click on “Add Funds”. You can choose to add funds with your Credit/Debit/Prepaid card or through bank deposit.

Here is a video guide on how to add funds to your Winthrills account.

#2. How Can I Withdraw Funds?

First, ensure you have added your local bank account details to your profile. If you haven’t, go the the “Account” section of your dashboard and click on “Account settings”. Enter your bank details and click on save.

To withdraw funds from your account, simply go to the “Account” section of the members’ area and then click on “Funds”. From the options provided, you can then click on “Withdraw Funds”. Make sure you have already selected a withdrawal processor before ordering for withdrawal.

Note that when you apply to Withdraw your profits/funds, you are charged 9% of the amount been withdrawn. The balance is what will be paid to you. The Withdraw portal is opened from 25th to 30th of every month.

#3. How Long Will It Take Withdrawal To Be Delivered

After withdrawing funds from your account, It will then be approved for transfer after 48 hours. After this Funds will be delivered to your withdrawal destination within 5 working days. However, if you have not received a delivery to your withdrawal destination after 15 business days, please complain to us with a bank statement at [email protected] or [email protected]

#4. Can I Transfer Funds To Other Members?

Yes, you can transfer funds to other members provided you know their username. To transfer funds from your account to another member account, simply go to the “Account” section of the members’ area and then click on “Funds”. From the options provided, you can then click on “Transfer Funds”.

Watch video guide:

Note that when you do fund exchange with other members of WINthrills network, you are charged 0.5% of that amount been transferred.

You can join our Winthrills investors group to meet with others to do fund exchange with. Here, transactions are done via escrow service.

#5. What Is The Minimum & Maximum Amount I Can Withdraw To My Bank Account?

The Minimum amount to withdraw per transaction is ₦3000. The maximum amount to withdraw per transaction is ₦1,000,000. Withdrawal is enabled from 25th to 30th of every month.

Here is a direct withdrawal of profits made from winthrillsnetwork by an investor.

You can withdraw your Winthrills profits and get paid into your local bank account
Withdrawal proof

#6. Does WINThrills Have Any Bank Account In My Region I Can Pay To For Services?

Yes. You can pay for services by bank deposit or bank transfer. Pay amount to any of the bank accounts listed on the payment page. After payment, please go to the contact us page on the WINThrills Network website and send a message indicating the following: Payer Name, Payment Date, Amount paid, Member Email address, Purpose For Payment. After the message is sent, a WINThrills staff will then respond to your query within 24 hours.

Funding your WINThrills account is not that hard after all. Now, go ahead and start making money online with WINThrills Network. If you still have any questions, use the comment box below to let us know.

Next, watch this video on how to invest in Winthrills projects.

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