FloralInvestment: The New Way People Can Make Money in Nigeria

Update on floralinvestment: 22nd May, 2016. The company has left investors payment on pending minds since February. They sent in a mail and I quote:

“Dear Clients!

We apologize for the delay in payments!

The company will resume operations from July 15, 2017 in Nigeria, after the opening of the office in the city of Lagos.


Best regards, Floral Investment LTD.

When Michael introduced me to Floralinvestment last year, saying he is earning more from this investments than he could from a salary, I never believed him. When he said the investment is not like Zarfund, MMM, or any other MLM schemes out there but the investment would be in flowers, I couldn’t help but laugh at him. But I was amazed later when he showed me his proof of payments after a modest investment in the floriculture investment fund, FloralInvestement.com.

Similar to WinThrills, FloralInvestment offers investors a unique opportunity to invest in the ever expanding market of flowers. Right across the world, millions of people buy flowers as gifts every single day and floriculture is one of the most stable and profitable markets on the planet.

When Michael was interviewed, he explained that six months previously, she had been looking for a way to make some extra money online, but he wanted something that was safe and that would provide a middle ground between risk and return. Then I decided to research them out.

FloralInvestment, The Big Difference

FloralInvestments.com building
FloralInvestment office in the UK

FloralInvestment is not like many of the online opportunities that you may have seen before. It is not investing in currency fluctuations or other intangible commodities like binary options, it is investing in something is real and in something that has genuine demand.

The worldwide market for flowers is huge. The estimated worldwide annual sales value of flowers is in the region of €7.45 billion and it’s not a market that is affected by the instability of the financial markets and fluctuations in energy prices.

An investment opportunity for everyone

What also makes FloralInvestment different is that, with a minimum investment from as little as $20, the opportunity is open to ordinary people and not just to the big city, high flyer investors.

Real earnings potential on floralinvestment.com

According to the company’s own statistics, many of their investors are ordinary people who are looking for an extra income. The company suggests that investors start out with a specific goal in mind, say a target of earning $1,000 per month, and then they work from there. The company provides plenty of tips and advice to help the beginner get up and running fast and see results quickly. If an investor continues to re-invest their profits, they can watch their earnings grow exponentially.

In many ways, FloralInvestment works on the same principles that the world’s biggest hedge funds and investment houses do, but FloralInvestment focus their dealings on the floriculture market, and anyone can take advantage of the opportunity. What’s more, private investors do not need any specialist knowledge or training to be able to earn a good return.

Three Facts About FloralInvestment

Not A Ponzi Scheme

The first thing you need to know about this opportunity is that it is absolutely not a Ponzi scheme based on a fragile setting that will collapse eventually; it is an investment opportunity based on a real product from a market that stays profitable despite the state of the economy (the floral market).

The future looks rosy for FloralInvestments.com

Strong Capital Base

Floralinvestment is backed by a company that has a capitalization in excess of 300 million Euros and more than 2,000,000 people have already made an investment in the plan because they know that the floral market is a highly profitable one that guarantees investors up to 4% profit on money invested per day.

Fully Insured!

Another awesome thing about this investment opportunity is that all investments that are carried out by Floralinvestment.com are insured with risk coverage of up to 100%, meaning investors do not stand the risk of losing their investment, basically you are putting in little time and effort, making good profit and carrying out your daily activities with absolute peace of mind.

FloralInvestment.com factory

So do you think you are ready to start making enough money to buy that car of your dreams, build that house you have always wanted or taken that trip you have not been able to afford? If yes, it is time for you to join the winning team of Floralinvestment.com and start getting paid too. I did mine using bitcoin and here is my profit so far:

FloralInvestment proof of payment
FloralInvestment proof of payment

Seeing that is working just as Michael said, I decided to spice things up as shown below:

Active FloralInvestment deposits
Active FloralInvestment deposits

Cooperating with Floralinvestment gives you the chance to provide yourself with constant money torrent, that would become a serious bonus to your salary and soon would be your main income.

Registration is very easy and you need no prior experience of managing investments to make money with Floralinvestment.com. You simply choose the tariff you would like to invest in and then the investment experts at FloralInvestment will make that money grow for you.

Take that bold step towards living your dream now, CLICK HERE TO JOIN!

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