BTC Shares: Telegram Bot Creating Bitcoin billionaires worldwide!

Update 2017! BTC Shares is no longer running. We already talked about free bitcoin Sites and Apps that you can earn free bitcoins from and BTC Shares was listed as one of them. Now after earning handsome amount of bitcoins over the past few days, I realized the world needs to know about BTC Shares, the Telegram bot that is creating millionaires worldwide.

With the importance of Bitcoin increasing each passing day, the ease of using and spending Bitcoin has made many services commence providing answers on earn free bitcoins, double your bitcoin, and cash out into your bank account. This is expected because of more and more businesses, both large and small, accept bitcoin payments every day.

If you are into Zarfund, Swisscoin, WINThrills, or MMM, it will be easier for you to understand the principles BTC Shares work but if you haven’t, not to worry. That is why the article is been written. Meanwhile, you will need a bitcoin wallet where your hourly earnings will be paid into. We already wrote a splendid guide on what bitcoin is all about. So read up and come back here.

BTC Shares: What It Is All About

BTC Shares is a Singapore company whose activities is focused targeting online advertising. The company, based on the Telegram®, one of the safest messengers in the world today, was created in 2013. The main strategic objective of the company is in the creation of new algorithms of advertising intervention based on messengers, apps of the mobile devices and specialized online advertising platforms worldwide.

How To Earn On BTC Shares

BTC Shares Menu

Below you can study earnings options in BTC Shares and choose the strategy of investment which is most suitable for you. There are two ways of earnings in our program.

Free/Bonus BTC Shares

Free/Bonus BTC Shares

You can earn, without investing money! Everything that you need – to be registered in the program, is an actual mobile phone number. And after that, the system automatically will give you the Bonus Share.

Further, you can come into the “Free Share” section and always to have an opportunity to know how much funds you accrued on this or that time point.

If you want to withdraw this money, you need to transfer the funds added according to the Bonus Share to the “FREE SHARE”. For this purpose you click the “GET SATOSHI” button in the “Free Share” section, to view the obligatory advertising block and after that, your money will be available to withdrawal to your bitcoin wallet.

BTC Shares Partner Program

It also has a partner program where if you invite your friends using your partner link, you will get 10% from their income! So, you invite your friends to join BTC and assume they make a cumulative of 10,000 USD, which is usually paid into their bitcoin accounts within 20days, you also will get 1000 USD – 10% of that earning paid into your account! Cool right?

Buy BTC Shares

BTC Shares calculation

So, you already have a Bonus Share which will bring in you the stable income for 20 calendar days. But how to earn more? Everything is very simple. You can buy in addition any number of the BTC Shares Bot shares on fixed price 0.015 BTC. And each hour each such share will bring you 6000 Satoshi for the next 20 calendar days.

It is easy to consider that payback of such investment will come in 10 days. And all the rest validity period of the shares bought by you, you will get a net profit.

Let’s consider an example how it works.

Let’s say that 1 BTC = 670 USD. In this case, one share will cost 10 USD. And 6000 Satoshi are 0.04 USD. This amount to you will be charged each hour by each share. Per one day it will be 0.95 USD, and payback of the enclosed amount equal of 10 USD, will come in 10 calendar days! And you still will have 10 days to get profit which will be about 10 USD.

Thus, having invested only 10 USD, you get 20 USD in 20 days! But that is not all! Your Bonus Share worked too! And for the same time, it brought you 20 USD! Think about prospects which open up in front of each participant of our program!

If for example, you buy 100 shares, then your daily income will be 90 USD, during every single of next 20 days! And at the same time, you receive a discount of 20% from the amount of the shares bought by you if you buy at least 100 shares at once.

But if you buy at once 200 shares, then your discount will be already 20%. You will get a discount of 30% from the amount for one-time purchase of 500 shares and for a purchase of 1000 shares your discount will be 40%. Add to this the Partner reward which you can obtain according to our Partner program to this income, and your benefit will become just obvious, very weighty and solid.

Now you understand that in the BTC Shares Bot program it’s possible you can earn worthy money. It’s real to make it. Just remember that if you invest a little, then you can earn a little bit. Everything in this world is relative and you can always improve own life, having correctly placed accents of the investment.

How to Join BTC Shares Bot program

It is very easy to join BTC program. Follow the steps below:


When you click on the above, it should open on the Telegram messenger app. Make sure you choose English as preferred language and start earning your bitcoins.

How to Withdraw From BTC Shares


  • On the menu, click on “Financial Account”– which will display your available balance.
  • Still on the menu, select Withdrawal BTC, enter your bitcoin wallet address and in less than 5mins, your money will be deposited into your bitcoin wallet.
Withdawals made from BTC Shares
Withdrawals made from BTC Shares


Because of the financial risks that come from relying on one source of income, such as a job or a business, it is best to consider creating at least one or more additional streams to generate cash flow. The fact is hard work never fails and yes, it is true. If you are giving to hard work, devotion and perseverance to your interest, then no one can stop you to get to your goal.

Are you ready? Click here to get started on BTCShares now

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