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This investment option involves profiting from Bitconnect trading bot and volatility software You will receive daily profit based on your investment option. Upon investment term completion, you will receive your CAPITAL BACK to take out from the Bitconnect lending platform or optionally reinvest back in lending platform to continue receiving daily profit.
The investment packages ranges from $100 – $100,000 Furthermore, the packages are broken down to 4 categories which are:
  1. $100 – $1000: You get paid the percentage % amount the bot makes for the day and your loan money is returned to you in 299 days.
  2. $1010 – $5000: You get paid the Daily percentage % plus a guaranteed bonus of 0.1% and your loan money is returned to you in 239 days
  3. $5010 – $10000: You get paid the Daily percentage % plus a guaranteed bonus of 0.2% and your loan money is returned to you in 179 days.
  4. $10010 – $100000: You get paid the Daily percentage % plus a guaranteed bonus of 0.25% and your loan money is returned to you in only $120 days.
You can withdraw your earnings everyday, or everyweek, or every month. You can also choose to compound your earnings make more profit* “Compound Interest is the 8th Wonder of the World He Who Understands it earns it.. He who doesn’t pays it… Albert Einstein” At Bitconnect, You can earn more when you compound your earnings… With a Startup of $100 if you compound your earnings, you will have over $2,000 active investment in 365 days or less.


The trading is not for everyone, it is for those who are crypto traders, and since cryptocurrency is volatile, you can take that opportunity in their exchange and make some profit.


One of the ways of earning is STAKING :this refers to the act of buying and holding COINS in your staking wallet for a period during which it becomes an interest yielding ASSET for you. It operates like the traditional fixed deposit but gives far higher return than the conventional banking fised deposit you all know. Here you could earn as far as 120% yearly on your STAKING EQUITY.


Like I said, all cryptocurrency are mined you can invest in Bitcconect mining pool, and when new Bitcconect coin is mined, you will be rewarded
BitConnect Investment
Bitconnect now over $800million Cap @ $127.43 (August 23rd, 2017)


Bitcconect also has a good multilevel networking structure where you as a networker, you can grow your income. In Bitcconect, you earn referral bonus 7 levels deep. The picture below give details of their Referral Structure Remember Referral is Optional… You earn your interest with or without referrals….
As soon as someone is using your referral link and investing money in BitConnect lending, you receive 7% of their investment as bonus. If another person is using their referral link afterwards, you still receive 3% of that person’s investment as bonus. And so on.
Example: Person A is using your referral link and invest 500 $. Then you receive 35$ bonus from BitConnect.
Person B is using the referral link of person A and invests 1,000 $. This means, not only person A is receiving 70 $ bonus, but you also receive 30 $.And so on… REMEMBER REFERRING IS OPTIONAL…

Step by Step Process of how to Register and Invest

Step 1: Open Your free Bitconnect Account

You need to open your free BitConnect account, Use the link below to create your Bitcconnect account – Join BitConnect Free

Step 2: Send Bitcoins to BitConnect

First you need to send the desired Bitcoins you want to invest to Bitconnect. In order to do so, log into the Dashboard and navigate down then click on Deposit Bitcoin (BTC).
After that you have to click on Deposit Bitcoin, a Bitcoin address will pop up which is where you will send the Bitcoin to. Copy the Bitcoin address and send the equivalent amount in dollars that you want to invest with a little extra to accommodate fluctuations.
Make sure you confirm the Bitcoin Address to make sure its correct before sending Bitcoin. Then wait for some time for your bitcoin to receive at least 1 confirmations then it will reflect on your BCC account. It usually takes a few minutes (sometimes even up to 30!?) until the Bitcoins arrive.

Step 3 – Exchange Bitcoins to BitConnect Coins

After the Bitcoin has arrived it should look like this on BitConnect Coin when you navigate to Transaction and clicking on Bitcoin Wallet.
After having navigated to BCC Exchange scroll down until you see the Buy / Sell BCC area. It looks like this:
I marked the Buy BCC part with a red rectangle, because we now want to buy BitConnect Coins from our Bitcoins.
On the bottom right you see the Selling Orders, already sorted for you by the lowest bid, so you just click on the “-” button in order to use the lowest selling price for your purchase.
Now the lowest selling order price was used for your bid. The values in your Buy BCC box change now as you can see on the screenshot.
You now just have to click on All to adjust the values in the textfields so that all your Bitcoins will be converted to BitConnect Coins. It automatically uses your maximum Bitcoin wallet value to adjust the BitConnect Coin unit value:
The final step now is to click on Buy BITCONNECT COIN:
Finally you have to confirm the buy order placement and wait until someone is selling his BitConnect Coins for that price – which usually takes only a few seconds.

Step 3 – Lend BitConnect Coins

For the last step you have to navigate back to the Dashboard. As you can see, the BitConnect Coin wallet value now displays your coins:
For the last step you have to click on the button Lend BitConnect:
The following popup requires you to take 3 actions, from top to bottom:
  1. Type in the amount of dollars you want to lend. The amount needs to be a multiple of $10 and the amount obviously has to be smaller or equal to your BitConnect Coin wallet.
  2. You have to mark the checkbox and agree on the terms of use.
  3. Click the button Pay from Bitconnect wallet.
And last but not least a confirmation is required.
That’s it. You successfully lent money to BitConnect. You will be paid every 24 hours whatever the daily interest rate payment was for that day + any guaranteed % if you made larger loans.
Proof of Investment and earnings below:


I hope this was helpful for you! In case you have any further questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.