7 Bitcoin Business You Should Start Investing In Right Now

If you are looking for legit bitcoin business to do, you are in luck because this is a question been asked by many who are seeking additional income streams. Considering the financial risks that come from relying on one source of income, such as a job or a business, it is best to consider creating at least one or more additional streams to generate cash flow.

There are many opportunities available to start an online based income by sitting at home because the internet is the center of knowledge. Many people spend their time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BBM, etc chatting their day away. You can use the same platforms to make money online. Today, I will share my experience with you and introduce you to 7 bitcoin businesses you should invest in right now.

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Bitcoin Business: Before You Begin

Before you start investing in any form of bitcoin business, you will need to understand what bitcoin is. You will need a bitcoin wallet, similar to your bank account. Only, in this case, you are in total control in receiving, sending, or storing your bitcoin money. Learn How to Open a Bitcoin Account.

Now that you own a bitcoin wallet and knows how to fund it, below are the businesses you can invest in bitcoin.

#1. Zarfund

Zarfund Proof of Payment
Zarfund Proof of Payment

Zarfund is the fastest growing bitcoin investment that many worldwide can easily go into. If you are looking for the best and legit ways to make money online, Zarfund is you sure answer. Zarfund is a member to member donation matrix (2×6) that allow you to change 0.03 BTC (about $23) into as much as 164 BTC ($80,000) on a monthly basis. We have given a complete Zarfund review, step-by-step picture and video guide to get you started.

#2. WINThrills Network

Winthrills is a Bitcoin Businesses to invest in right now
Make Money Online With WINThrills Network

WIN means Web Income Nigeria; it is a segmented platform for Mandee Thrills Company. It’s a Network Advertising platform that delivers both amazing results for its advertisers and a highly profitable revenue stream for its promoters. WINThrills Network is also an international online crowdfunding platform that connects private investors with businesses. Read more here.

#3. Floral investments

Bitcoin Business: Floral investments proof of Payment
Floral investments proof of Payment

Another bitcoin business you may want to invest in is floral investments. Floral investment company was established in 2013. Currently, the company has about 2,000,000 partner investors worldwide. Floralinvestment’s primary goal is to develop a favorable investment climate online in flower industry, assist investors who want to make money, establish and improve online investment processes. I invested $40 and within 2 weeks, I got paid as shown in the picture above. Read more here or Click here to join.

#4. MMM Nigeria

MMM introduces Bitcoin as new payment, ahead of January 14 relaunch

MMM is a global mutual aid community. MMM is social financial donation exchange network. MMM is a million n million community of people who have agreed to willingly extend financial helping hands to each other via donation. You can earn bought in your local currencies or in bitcoins as have been announced recently. click here to join now!

#5. Swisscoin: Mining Bitcoin Online

Swisscoin is a brand new cryptocurrency, pre-launched May 1st, and its blockchain went live and started mining the first batch of coin on Saturday, June 4th. And members of Swisscoin are today mining this coin at lowest possible value at 0.01 euro; expected value in 2018 is Close to €5 (or far more than that) and rising. Click here to read a more comprehensive review and meanwhile, I have already started mining with them so if you want to join also, just click here to register. Once you join, your investment start calculating.


#6. BTCInvestments

BTCInvestments as Bitcoin business for 2017

In BTCInvestments, you can similar to Zarfund. It is also a member to member donation matrix (2×5) that allow you to change 0.002 BTC (about $23) into as much as 16 BTC ($14,473) on a monthly basis. click here to register

#7. BTCBuzz

BTCBuzz bitcoin business
BTCBuzz bitcoin business

Like BTC investments and Zarfund bitcoin businesses, BTCBuzz is one of the simplest forms of member to member donation matrix (2×2).  BTCBuzz platform allows you to change 0.03 BTC (about $23) into as much as 0.26 BTC ($14,473) on a monthly basis. click here to register

Final Word

The fact is hard work never fails and yes, it is true. If you are giving to hard work, devotion and perseverance to your interest, then no one can stop you to get to your goal. Now that you know 7 bitcoin businesses you can do in 2017, imagine how much you will make monthly? #30000, #40000, #50000? You can do more than that if you serious like me.

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